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Kids TV shows I love


“It’s Word Girl, Word Up!” I love Word Girl. If I choose the show I usually go with Word Girl. Luckily the kids frequently choose it too. From the Bond-movie-esque theme song (I do love a good theme song), to her sidekick ( a monkey named Captain Huggyface), to the snarky narrator, to the villians. My favorite is pictured above, Chuck the Evil Sandwich making Guy – I also love The Butcher who has poser over meat. He says things like “Chicken Cordon-blam!”

I don’t think any TV show can really be called educational. Kids learn from doing things, not by watching or listening. But they do have some good featured words, providing definitions in clever ways. Mostly I like it because it is funny. Funny for the kids and for me. Also, there are some great Word Girl easy readers for your beginning readers.


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  • Sammy - Toys Review May 5, 2009, 6:54 pm

    I agree with you on how children learn things, that’s why parents should be active in putting words into actions for their children also.

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