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Great Book for the Pre-Teen in Your Life

Yes, you read that right. Whales on Stilts. Because how else would whales move around on land. Oh, and they have laser beam eyes. These are some no good, world taking over, havoc wreaking whales. And all the grown-ups are oblivious to their nefarious plot for world domination. This is the thrilling tale of girl named Lily and her best friends Katie Mulligan (star of her own series of scary novels) and Jasper Dash (Boy Technonaut). I gave it to a realio trulio 11 year old girl last night and she was laughing and reading out loud the funniest parts. Great book and approved by an actual 6th grader.

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  • POV November 12, 2008, 6:56 am

    This book looks great…I love reading…nice blog

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