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Battle Sheep! Easy and Fun Sheep Game for Kids


Board Game Kids Sheep

I can’t type the name of this game without an exclamation point. You can’t just say the name Battle Sheep, it must be bellowed like a war cry!

Battle Sheep!

OK, maybe that is just me.

This is a delightful game that has been fun for our whole family and many friends ranging in age from 7 to 40-something.  It really doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to play, so even young kids (who in our house tend to get bored and wander off if a game lasts too long).

battlesheep2Strategy Game For Kids

It is a strategy game in which the object is to spread your flock out taking up more of the pasture than anyone else, without getting blocked in by your rival flocks. The best part of the game, in my opinion, is the expressions on the faces of the sheep. Each time features a different sheep and a few of them are hilarious. If funny sheep faces are amusing to you. They are to me.



Here is a helpful video explaining how to play if you, like me, find learning games from playing much easier than learning by reading the rules.

Battle Sheep – fun for everyone! And full of silly sheep!

Click on the picture of the crazy sheep to buy it from Amazon:

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