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It’s a Brand New Ant Farm


Did you know that NASA has developed a translucent, nutritious, non-toxic gel for ants? Well they have and you can feed it to your very own ants in an updated version of the traditional ant farm. A friend’s child was given one as a present and I can attest to the fascination of all the children I ever saw come into contact with it. Our children ave not stopped asking for their own ant farm, and I have to admit it is pretty cool to see the ants digging the tunnels through the gel.

I kind of like this Xtreme Ant Farm too. It must be for those skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX bike riding, X-Game ants. It has a climbing wall. I think they might be overestimating the amount of leisure time that ants enjoy. But perhaps ant farm ants don’t get the exercise that wild ants get so they need to be lured into activity by the street luge speedway.


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