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Toys Go Out – our favorite new book


We have been reading Toys Go Out all week and right now it is our absolute favorite book. It follows the adventures of a trio of toys, Lumphy (a not quite real buffalo), Sting Ray and Plastic (it is a bit of a mystery what plastic actually is for a couple of chapters). The toys go to school in a back pack, hang out with TukTuk, the wise yellow towel who lives in the bathroom, visit Frank (the washing machine) and generally compete for the little girl’s affections. Our favorite bits seem to be when Sting Ray tries to explain things she things she knows about but doesn’t. (Like how the vet is someone in a white coat who puts toys in a contraption made of rubber bands and pokes you with a giant carrot). This is a great choice for beginning readers who are ready for chapter books or younger kids who are ready to have longer books read to them. I have it on good authority that it is very funny for six year olds. It is especially great for any kids who suspect that their toys continue playing when they leave the room (a concept introduced to many kids by the Toy Story movies, so if you have a little one who is obsessed with all things Toy Story, this book may be a good way to steer their affections toward something else for a change). I may have to stop reading it at bedtime because it is hard to settle down after so much laughing.
There is a sequel we haven’t acquired yet, Toy Dance Party, and it promises to be as fabulous as the first! Happy reading!


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  • Giri April 23, 2009, 5:32 pm

    I can understand how will the book look by reading the review. But we are kids and we don’t get enough money to buy these. But I am happy in reading your reviews.

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