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Squinkies Squishy Toys

Those of you with young girls, beware the Squinkies!  Well, don’t take that the wrong way, they don’t appear to be dangerous, except as a choking hazard that is.  But the Squinkies are the latest fashion trend for the little girl set.  If you have a 4-8 year old and have never heard of them, expect to see some talk of Squinkies in the near future.

What Are Squinkies?

Squinkies are essentially squishy pencil toppers made out of silicon.  They are called best called pencil toppers instead of erasers as being made of silicon they won’t actually erase anything.  Squinkies come in various shapes of people, babies, animals, and random stuff like birthday cakes and castles.  There are over 100 different ones to collect.  Of course, there are some that are considered *RARE* and hard to find, making you buy more and more and more packs of Squinkies in the hopes of finding the elusive Unicorn to fill out little Princess’ collection.

Some packs come with bracelet links, some come with rings, and some come with more Squinkies.  Each toy has an exactly #2 pencil eraser sized hole on the bottom that fits the various accessories.

Other accessories include a gumball playhouse for storage, a Squinkies castle, and a Squinkies cupcake bakeshop.

If you have a little girl in your house who likes to collect things, beware the Squinkies power.  Just when you thought you had every single Littlest Pet Shop critter, or all the Polly Pockets you could handle, it’s time to open your wallet again, and again, and again.

Note that Squinkies are certainly choking hazards and should never be given or left around children under three.  The manufacturer recommends that they are only for children ages 4 and up.

Click here for a list of toys in the Squinkies line

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  • MidEastVet November 28, 2010, 8:44 am

    “,,,they don’t appear to be dangerous, except as a choking hazard that is.”

    Is that not enough of a danger?

  • Remo November 30, 2010, 8:42 pm

    Depends on the age of your child I guess MidEastVet. Keeping a child over five or over away from anything that might be a choking hazard is probably going to be a lost cause. Raisins, raw carrots, change, popcorn, marbles, nuts, marshmallows, balloons, small toys, grapes, and thousands of other throat sized things abound in the world, but are generally considered safe for most children over five when used or consumed under supervision.

  • ThatsMrsBtoyou January 19, 2011, 4:28 pm

    Beware of squinkies for more than choking and collecting hazards. I just today came home from the vet after holding my one & a half yr old calico cat Sprinkles in my arms, while she died from an intestinal blockage caused by a squinkie. You cannot imagine the pain this has caused my family. If I had realized how dangerous these are to cats they would never have entered my home. My little girl would much rather have her cat than her squinkies. Now we are without our beloved pet and also stuck with a very high vet bill I cannot afford to pay. Perhaps it should be printed on the box that these toys are not suitable for households with pets. I did not realize how hazardous they would be to a cat. These toys are every cat’s dream, cats want to bat them around the floor and play with them and 7 yr olds are not the most responsible toy owners so no matter how clean of a house mom keeps, there is bound to be a stray squinkie or two. This is a heartbreak we will never recover from…

  • sullicole March 23, 2011, 2:17 pm

    Legos and rubber balls have been choking animals for decades. I am sorry for the loss, but don’t blame the toys.

  • C3 June 2, 2011, 5:21 pm

    Throwing my .02 into this discussion. Whoever designed and thought up these toys obviously never had more than one child.

    We have four children…they are between the ages of 2-5. My 5 yr old daughter loves these and is certainly capable of playing with them safely.

    My 4 yr old son *should* be capable of playing with toys such as these but…it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to catch him putting one in his mouth.

    My 3 and 2 yr old boys, on the other hand, absolutely could not be trusted around these toys. They often put toys in their mouths, especially the 2 yr old.

    Now…as their parent, it is my responsibility to pay attention to what they are doing. And I do. My daughter has a box of these squinkies and is only allowed to take them out when she is sitting at our kitchen table. Her younger brothers are not allowed in the kitchen when her squinkies are out. Doesn’t seem like very much fun does it?

    And as careful as we are with these toys…it’s entirely possible for a squinkie ball to roll off the table and not be noticed. And from there, who knows what would happen? Say my 2 yr old did come across a forgotten Squinkie ball?

    The bottom line is that the toy is poorly designed. The combination of it’s spherical shape and it being *just* the right size to fully block a child’s breathing passage make it dangerous. Would it have been that difficult to make the ball large enough to not fit down a child’s windpipe?

    Personally, I think the ball itself should just be done away with. It doesn’t add much to the play.

  • forgetmenot June 21, 2011, 6:25 pm

    Of course they dont think about whether you have more than one child. They are a company looking to make money, which they do. It is the parents’ decision to buy or not buy suitable toys, and just because other children cant play with it, so what ? They are going to have to go through that a lot growing up, and when they are grown as well.

    My 3 year old has squinkies, and has never, and knows not to, put them in her mouth. I guess it’s just how you teach them. Of course we watch her while she’s playing as well.

    I do think squinkies are one of those waste of money toys lol, but so are so many out there. I myself fell victim to the ‘smelly belly’ phase. And the company is even more clever as they overlap the toys, so every pack you buy may have one or 2 that the kids already have. Very sneaky.

    And they don’t even fit on our pencils lol.

    The biggest danger we have had with squinkies is standing on them and having the daughter yell at us. Oops.

    PARENTS BEWARE: it doesn’t just stop at the squinkies. You are then nagged, pleaded with, sulked at and will suffer the silent treatment unless you go out and get the squinkie house, the cake factory, or the castle. Or possibly all three.

  • Melted squinkies October 21, 2011, 10:08 pm

    I’m not sure these toys are very safe. My toddler’s squinkies have appeared to have melted… the paint and the plastic have melted and comes off like a jell. These have not been left by a heat source or by anything that would have melted them. I tried to wipe off a few when I thought something sticky was on them and instead the paint was like jell and it came off on a wet wipe when I wiped them.

  • AFun Momma3 June 11, 2014, 2:29 pm

    I believe that the captive audience for the squinkies should be more in the 6 and up range. Besides kids under 5 don’t use pencils. Also, I feel they are more a collectable toy, with playing occasionally inside a gumball machine. They are cute and there are a lot to collect. As far as dangers to small children, well there is a warning right on the package. There are no warnings for water bottle tops, which many of times I see people letting their babies suck on a water bottle with the cap on. Also, there are no warnings on a package of carrots. As far as the woman who lost their cat, I am sorry for your loss, but don’t blame the toy, it should have been taken away when you saw it batting it around. I have a 5 year old and she would never let a cat or a dog “play with her toys” because she know animals chew. I think squinkies are cute and a joy to collect. My daughter has a huge collection and does not let them out of their balls. As far as age of a child who puts things in their mouth, well I have a 9 year old niece who was in the hospital for 4 days to remove magnetic balls, that are sold as a childs toy. And it had a warning not for children 4 and under. So it doesn’t matter how old the child, it matters what they have been taught. I have 3 children, and not one of them stick things in their mouth that their not supposed to. Also about the melting: well if you stretch them and squish them, the paint is only on the surface, and it will peel off. That’s why I truly believe that their sole purpose was to be just a collectable toy.
    Just giving my opinion, not trying to offend anyone

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