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Norman PhartEphant The Farting Elephant

phartephant_frontssimage_450webWe don’t review many kids toys that make noise here at The Toy Report. Mrs. TR historically has had a very strong aversion to toys that make noise.

Imagine her surprise when we received one Mr. Norman PhartEphant in the mail. After some discussion we decided that despite any misgivings we might have with the noise, we should let the experts decide. Our twin six year old boys would undoubtedly think it was the funniest thing ever. Rainbow is a sucker for soft, cuddly cute things and also things that fart, so we’d be bad parents NOT to give him something that combined both into one snugly little guy.

Well, you can witness the results of the boys first exposure to Norman PhartEphant in the video below. Note, they had no idea what was coming and had no coaching. I think any stiffness you might perceive in the acting is a combination of awkwardness being filmed and the fact that they weren’t sure they were allowed to laugh and enjoy a farting elephant. We received some whoopee cushions as a party favor a few months back and had set some fairly complex ground rules regarding farting noises and toys, such as not at the dinner table, not at school, not right in someone’s ear, etc. I think they were trying to figure out where farting elephants fit into the rulebook…

The next day, Norman was still a big hit and was put through some pretty rigorous play testing, including a decent bout of tail swinging by a crazed Rainbow chasing Speedy around the house before I put a stop to it. You can likely see that as one of the related videos to the one above, as I doubt there are many videos tagged “farting plush elephant” up on YouTube.

The little guy is pretty darn cute, and I challenge you to try and find a 4-8 year old boy (or girl for that matter) who wouldn’t think this farting elephant is hysterical. If you are looking for a gift for a 4-8 year old boy that needs cheering up and a little laughter, Norman certainly fits the bill and is strongly recommended as a get well gift that is sure to put a smile on someones face.

Norman is a creation of Fierce Fun Toys, a new toy company out of New York. You can purchase him from his home at Phartephant.com by clicking here.

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  • colon June 11, 2009, 9:39 am

    This toy is very interesting to see.I like it very much.

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