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Kicking it Old School: Tinker Toys

This is a robot factory. The boys worked on it together for a good part of an afternoon and it required a lengthy explanation of all the different pieces, what they did and how they worked. There was quite a back story to this contraption, I think it took them longer to come up with all the things it could do than to actually build it.

When the boys were three their grandparents gave them some tinker toys for their birthday. Well, these poor overworked tinker toys have been played with more than you would think possible. During the Pirate and Knight phases they made swords out of them. Lately it has been more elaborate “machines” and “factories.” They have made some pretty cool rolling vehicles too. The official age range on them is three to seven. This is wider than on most toys, but I can totally see it. Because there is such scope for imagination with this kind of building toy, it can grow with your child instead of your child growing out of the toy.

And for any pink loving future engineers, you can now get this:

I may have to get this for Rainbow for Christmas, his Favorite color is pink.

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