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Family board games for a rainy day

On a beach vacation but it won’t stop raining? Well aren’t you glad you packed a few cooperative family board games to pass the time? We love the game pictured above: Sand Castles by Family Pastimes. It is a cooperative game, meaning that players are rewarded for working together toward a common goal, instead of trying to beat each other. This makes it an ideal game when there are children of various ages involved – fewer hurt feelings than a typical game of Sorry, and there is strategy involved meaning the kids actually use their powers of reasoning and conversation to figure out each move. Not a bad thing in the dog days of summer vacation!

Another great family game is Blokus. The game is best when played with 4 players, and there is serious strategy involved with how you place your pieces to try to fit them all in, so this is probably best when all kids are 6 and up.

And if you are really stuck inside for a good long time you can’t go wrong with a classic – Monopoly. It is a classic for a reason. There is more math and strategy involved than you remember – so this is probably best when all the kids are ages 8 and older. Remo and the boys recently has an epic, week long game of Monopoly and the kids loved it. Just don’ t try to squeeze in a game quickly, the game takes just as long as you remember. But if you are stuck inside during a rainy weekend or a heat-wave, consider a good old fashioned board game as a way to entertain the masses.

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