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Really Great Gift For a 3, 4, or 5 Year Old – Tea Party Set

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the humble tea set. It is traditional and simple, and yet I don’t know if many children today have them. I do know that whenever four and five (and sometimes six) year old girls come over to play they always spend a lot of time with our tea set. Not that boys don’t get in on the action. In fact, when our boys were three they wouldn’t play with our tea set with me. They insisted on playing tea party with Daddy, it was apparently a boys only game as far as they were concerned.

I love this one, and not just because it has a literary theme.

We have this Madeline Tea Party Set and it has been much loved. Ours didn’t come in the handy case, though, making storage a bit of a problem. The special case is definitely the way to go. Don’t be scared off because it is porcelain instead of plastic. Yes it is breakable, but not really that breakable. Ours has gotten much use in it’s time in the play room and hasn’t broken. I think we may have lost a cup and the top of the sugar bowl, but that is hardly the tea set’s fault. In the words of a visiting five year old girl, “their tea set is real!” Kids have so many plastic toys. Giving a real porcelain tea set makes it special. Give this along with one of the Madeline books and you may even get a hand made thank-you card with glitter.

Now, if they already have the Madeline books and you really want to give something special, I present The World’s Cutest Tea Set:

Don’t you just love the little wooden tea bags? Seriously, this is glitter thank-you card material like you read about. This set also comes in Pink, but not all girls love the pink, despite what the girl aisles in big toy stores would have you believe.

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