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Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo Tiny Little Fish!

I wanted to see Ponyo in the movie theater, but it never came to any of the theaters near us so I had to wait until it came out on DVD. It was completely worth the wait. I love it! The kids liked it too. It is so beautiful to look at.

The story is essentially the little mermaid, but instead of romantic love it is about the love between Ponyo and her friend. Loving your friends is a kind of love that children can relate to. I never really understood why so many children’s movies end up with a wedding, it seems so beside the point.  Anyway, it is now out on DVD and comes with an adorable little plush Ponyo for snuggling.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM REMO – Do not under any circumstances click on this link and listen to the Ponyo soundtrack.  It’s only two songs long, but both of them are so darn catchy that they’ll stick in your head for years to come.  You have been warned.

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