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Indoor garden kits for kids

We are getting impatient for warm weather to actually arrive this year – the cold has been tiresome for months now. What can you do if weather or lack of outdoor space prevents you from gardening? Make a garden inside! I love this Wee Enchanted Garden Kit from Creativity for Kids.  It comes with a dish, paints (for decorating the dish) and all sorts of seeds and pebbles and tiny plastic animals and a little cottage. Everything you need to make your own enchanted garden. It comes with bean seeds that when they grow can be shaped to look like little trees. You can make a path with the pebbled through the garden to the tiny cottage. I love toys like this that are so fun to set up, but it isn’t just a one time craft project. Kids can play with it over and over, tending it, trimming the grass, rearranging the rocks. This is the sort of thing that is great for imaginative play, who knows what kinds of fairies could move in to the cottage?!

If you need something smaller they also make a Mini Windowsill Garden Kit for kids. It comes with some small pots and paints to decorate them, soil, seeds and some little garden tools. So cute for a not quite spring yet activity.


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  • Children Outdoor Toys April 27, 2011, 2:21 am

    Wow. this is pretty amazing!!
    I live in a mountain area and we have snow for 4-5 months , so it becomes very difficult to spend time in garden. Moreover I am pretty much interested in gardening. Thank you so much for this information.

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