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Topsy Turvey Dolls

Did anyone else have one of these as a kid? Topsy turvey dolls are dolls that have the upper bodies of two different dolls sewn together in the middle with a big skirt or other fluffy object sewn in the middle to hide one of the dolls. Then you can turn it upside down,  flip the skirt over and have the other doll on top. I know it looks like two dolls in the picture, but you are really seeing both halves of the same doll. I LOVED my topsy turvey doll. Mine was homemade and had a princess on one side and a princess dressed in pajamas on the other side. I couldn’t decide so I ordered two for the Princess for Christmas.

North American Bear Company has a whole line of topsy turvey dolls, most depicting traditional fairy tale characters. That makes is so easy to choose a book to go along with the dolls making it a perfect present! Above is their Goldilocks and the Three Bears topsy turvey doll. I am pairing it with my current favorite version of that story, Emma Chichester-Clark’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

I also got the Cinderella topsy turvey doll. I just couldn’t resist.

There she is in her raged work clothes and then whoosh, flip her over and she is ready for the ball! I am pairing this with Barbara McClintock’s Cinderella – the pictures in this book are amazing!

Some others I was tempted by are the Alice in Wonderland topsy turvey doll – she turns into the Queen of Hearts!

The book is a bit old for kids who might love this doll, I might pair it with this amazing Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up book.

I also love the mermaid topsy turvey doll – flip her over and she has feet! Perfect for Little Mermaid fans.

These topsy-turvey dolls are so great – old school fun is my favorite kind.

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