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Even more play food

OK, so my voyages into the world of play food have taken a turn toward the unexpected. I have found food that, while I wouldn’t call it weird, these are foods that many people eat all the time, it is weirdly specific.  I give you:

Play weiner schnitzel with french fries and ketchup (isn’t that how you take your weiner schnitzel?).


Sushi, of course.


Pretend stir fry. This one comes with a wooden “knife” that you can use to cut through the velcro attaching the food pieces together. We have a wooden food slicing set and it gets played with a lot.


Pretend lunch tray, presumably for playing middle school cafeteria.


And, my favorite, pretend full breakfast tray complete with toaster. I like to imagine my kids using this for practicing making Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. I see them doing breakfast dry runs to get the timing just right so the toast is still warm when everything else is finished. Is that too much to hope for?


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  • Rental Car Bargains March 31, 2009, 5:30 pm

    lol I got a kick out of the stir fry kit. It’s very realistic, but I wonder what kind of demand there is for this type of toy?

  • FreePhones April 13, 2009, 3:05 am

    oh these look so real i guess my daughter will love them…she loves to go to kitchen and always watch people cook and disturb all the kitchen utensils.

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