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Coolest Chalkboard Murals Ever!


I just saw these Chalkals chalk board murals at Little Birdie Secrets and had to share. Aren’t they the coolest chalkboard murals ever? I mean, if you had ever seen any other chalk board murals, I am sure these would be cooler than those other ones. Or something.

The aliens seen above are my favorite. (I realize that this is a bit of a digression, but you know how when kids are around 1 and a half or so and you start playing the “what does a cow say? what does a cat say?” game? I have a friend who has taught all my children to respond to “what does an alien say?” with “take me to your leader!”)


Nothing on TV? Draw your own!


Have a tiny rock star? This drum set is bound to be much quieter than the loud kind.


Dontcha just love this big fella?

There is much more cuteness, but I think the aliens win.


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  • The Mother March 6, 2009, 9:39 am

    Wow, those are cool. Now I know what to get my niece for her birthday.

  • Shreejana Hickman March 9, 2009, 2:51 pm

    That’s awesome, I’ll get that for my boy when he’s a little older. He’s 2.5 now, and likes to break off the chalk, and rub it on the floor!:)

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