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Not The Best Stuffed Animal Storage Options

I have already confessed my love for the boon animal bag in my Stuffed Animal Storage post. One of the reasons I love it so is that the stuffed animals don’t seem terribly miserable inside of it. Sure they get sat on, but any stuffed animal who has had some coveted time on the bed has been squished plenty and I don’t think they mind that so much. Not having bones must help with this. (Can you tell we have been reading Toys Go Out again). What I really object to in stuffed animal storage is making the snuggly toys look as if they are trying to get out.

stuffie jail

I think jail is completely the wrong way to go with stuffed animals. What could they possibly have done to deserve this?

stuffie chain

Hanging from a chain seems unpleasant, even if you have no bones.

stuffie treestuffie tree full

The other version of this is hanging from a tree. I don’t think this is better but it is somehow more disturbing. Like they grew there.

There is  nothing wrong with an old fashioned toy box, but I think boon gets points for style.

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  • Charlene September 11, 2009, 8:30 pm

    I’ll check out the boon for sure. My daughter has SO many stuffed animals – it’s crazy. She has a shoe storage unit on the back of her closet door which is good for beanie-baby sized animals but she has so many bigger animals that just don’t fit anywhere. Great site !

  • Heather November 16, 2015, 9:25 am

    I built the zoo for my daughter, it was so expensive to buy it and building it myself cost $30 and is bigger than what they sell, but you can’t truly access them and after awhile you just start stuffing them in there that you can no longer see what you have other than a jumbled mess. I am getting rid of it and going with the boon. thank you

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