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Quieting Noisy Toys

There was a post on Ohdeedoh about making noisy toys quieter. We have mostly gotten rid of our noisy toys (or sent them to live in the attic where Mommy can’t hear them), but I would have loved to have this information back when our playroom was noisier. So many of the toys are made to be loud enough that they can be heard above all the other toys in the toy store – manufacturers aren’t all that interested in how loud they are once you have already bought them.

Well, at Ohdeedoh this week someone who used to design toys walks you through how to open up toys to find the speaker, out tape over it to make it quieter, and then put it back together without damaging the toy. I suggest doing this to all your noisy toys before giving them to the kids for Christmas – they will never know the difference if it starts out at a reasonable volume!

The above pretend princess cell phone? We had one exactly like it and it survived far more years of frequent play than a little plastic cell phone should be expected to. Ours was actually Minnie Mouse themed, and it was much beloved by all three of our kids and many friends and relations until finally dying a somewhat natural death a few months ago. It really could have been quieter, though.

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