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Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod

While searching for a present for a friend’s baby obsessed 1 year old, I came across this bundle of cuteness from Manhattan Toy. It is their Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea.

pea babypea baby 2

And look, it comes in Peanut too!

peanut baby

There is also a Snuggle Bug

bug baby

and a Snuggle Bunny (naturally).

bunny baby

I love Manhattan Toy, they will crazy awards for their toy design and their quality is exceptional. We have tons of their toys at chez Toy Reporter and have never been dissapointed by their style or quality.

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  • Victoria January 7, 2016, 9:34 pm

    We bought peanut baby in Singapore but my daughter lost it. And she missed it so much and had asked for it for a few months… The shop (Manhattan Toy) from Amazon doesn’t ship to Singapore. Any way for us to buy a new one? Singapore no stock any more.

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