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This is Mrs. Toy Reporter here with my first post and some more book suggestions. While it is very easy to have too many toys (trust me on this, I am an expert on having too many toys) I think it is impossible to have too many books. Kids love them and parents will thank you for not adding to the superhero or themed clutter.

The Princess’ current obsession is Helen Oxenbury. She has a marvelous series of board books: Tickle Tickle, Clap Hands, All Fall Down and Say Goodnight. They feature an adorable collection of babies playing, eating, sleeping and just generally being as cute as can be. Oxenbury’s round faced, big headed, roly poly babies are exactly what a toddler loves most. We can sit and read these books over and over and over. The good news for the reader is that there are few words so you can read them 20 times without getting a sore throat. Each book contains four two page spreads with a short description of what the babies are doing. This includes activities like “Bouncy bouncy on the bed” and “Running round and round.” The Princess likes to turn pages about as much as she likes to hear what is written on them, so we often don’t finish reading the pages of books that have too much text on them. Another great thing about this book is the wide range of skin colors and ethnicities portrayed in these books. Diversity of this kind is too rare in children’s illustration.

Now on to something for older kids. I love this book, and more importantly, the five year olds in the house love this book. We have read it to other people’s four and five year olds and they loved it too. The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingman. It is so fun to read, there is plenty of opportunity for the kids to look for things in the pictures and there is a surprise twist ending. Let me quote from the back cover “The race is on, but who’s the winner – a hungry boy or his runaway dinner?”

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  • Talula August 21, 2008, 12:00 am

    Hi Mrs.Toy.Reporter & Remo, glad to see some more folks writing about children’s ideas and issues. I loved your Toy Room Forcast pic (Reminds me of my Early Childhood classrooms on “Monster” days – it was easier just to send everyone home with mom & dad and clean it myself!).
    I personally (and totally!) agree with your opinion that it is often wisest to give a book. Youngsters language & reading skills are helped tremendously by daily reading (not to mention the “Me & You” time aspect). I have many excellent books with diverse illustrations and that are based on multi-cultural folklore in my Barefoot Books line. Please come by and check them out for your self. Hope to see you there, Talula.

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