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Beloved Little Things

Kids love little things, I suppose because they are little things themselves. One of our favorite little things is the Nutshell Library.  In fact, when I rule the world (and I will too, if I can only get my hands on some Wonderflonium) all babies will be issued a set of these little books when they are born.

The little box contains four little books, Chicken Soup With Rice, Alligators All Around, Pierre: A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and a Prologue, and One Was Johnny. Pure genius from Maurice Sendak, I loved these books when I was little and my kids love them even more (what with there being three of them).  The princess has had days where she always has one in her hand as she toddles around and does her thing. She loves that they fit in her pockets and will spend time putting them in and taking them out of her pockets (and sometimes mine). She has also rediscovered the box they come in and has been putting them in and taking them out of that too. Right now our Favorite is One Was Johnny, “six was a monkey who stole a banana” never fails to get a laugh from the five year olds.

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