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Baby Love

The princess has a baby fixation. Her brothers both went through doll phases, but they were older and they were playing pretend with them. The princess has a baby obsession.  She can spot a baby from a mile away and if we are out in the world without our own baby doll and some other kid has one, well she will try very hard to take that baby and when prevented from abducting other children’s baby dolls she will wail “Baby!” loudly until removed from the room and handed her own baby doll. This goes over great at the library story hour, let me tell you.  The Corolle-Babicorolle Pink Baby Doll is our traveling baby, our out of the house baby, our lives in the car so we don’t forget her baby.  Why does this particular baby get the honor of seeing the world outside the house (or as much of it as possible while being clutched by a 1 year old)? It is because of a magical property that sets it apart from all of our other baby dolls: it is machine washable. It gets dragged around, dropped out of the stroller, snuggled while eating chocolate ice cream, chewed on and loved. When it gets filthy I love that I can throw it in the washer. It air drys overnight, and I don’t have to worry about the dirt and germs it has picked up along the way (especially since I am often commanded to kiss the baby – she is called the Princess for a reason). This doll was a gift from a friend when the Princess was new, and boy has it become a great friend. The Princess’ baby kidnapping urges seem to be controllable when we have a baby of our own to snuggle. The plastic face was the best part before the baby fixation hit (we used to call it face biting baby, because she used to immediately begin chewing on the plastic face whenever given this doll).  Machine washable – genius!

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