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Beach! Beach! Beach!

“Tis the season for beach toys (not that we have had much beach weather here yet, and have I mentioned that all the rain has made me cranky?). I am going to round up some of our favorite beach toys for you, the ones that get used not the ones that get left in the bottom of the beach bag to break. First up is a simple sand wheel.

sand wheel

The Princess is 2-and-a-bit and is way into pouring stuff into other stuff. You give her a pile of sand and a shovel and she will spend a good part of a day moving it from one container into another and back again. This sand wheel is perfect, you can dump sand in and it comes out again, ready to be put back in. You wouldn’t think this would be fascinating, but trust me, if you are 2 it is.  They make fancy sand wheels that have bells and whistles, but you don’t need them. The plain one is really better, not so many pieces to break (no one wants to play with the broken toy, even if it is still functional).

sand wheel truck

If you have a truck enthusiast, this sand mill truck set may be perfect. Your little sand mover can deposit sand in the wheel and then drive it away in the truck – what could be more fun than spending the day trying to move an entire beach full of sand six inches to the left (nothing if you happen to be 2).

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