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Toy Storage Chest Dangers – Be Careful!

Was just reading a story about the dangers of kids toy storage chests with hinged lids for young children and thought I should pass it along.  Do not ever use a container for storing toys that has a heavy lid and does not have a lid damper installed that keeps the lid from slamming shut.   And also don’t ever use a container for toys that can become even close to airtight when closed.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports it knows of 45 children who died when chests or boxes used for toy storage had heavy lids that fell on their heads or necks.  There have also been incidents of permanent brain damage. Many deaths involved products specifically manufactured as toy boxes or chests, although children have died in other containers used for toy storage, such as trunks, footlockers, decorator cubes, and blanket chests.  Children who climb into storage containers such as cedar chests to hide can became trapped and can suffocate.

How does it happen?  If the lid is too heavy and doesn’t have support, a young child reaching in for a toy can have the lid fall on the back of their head and trap their neck on the side of the toy chest, potentially suffocating them.  Also, heavy older chests even with lid supports can become airtight when closed and if the lid is heavy enough, trap children inside.

And so we present the Toy Report suggestions for toy chests:

  1. Use an open storage for toys with no lids.  If you have a great chest for that your want to use for toys, remove the lid completely.
  2. Use only toy containers that have plastic lightweight lids or lids that slide open rather than raise or lower.
  3. If you have a chest with a heavy lid, make sure it has lid supports to keep it open.  If not, install one of more safety lid supports.  Click here to see some inexpensive lid supports.
  4. If you have a chest with a lid that closes completely and makes a tight seal, drill holes in the back near the top or add shims to lid to make sure there is a space for fresh air to enter the chest in case a child becomes trapped inside.
  5. Store your toys in something soft instead.  For example, the Boon Stuffed Animal Storage bag is a great choice.

Remember, it can take less than 30 seconds for lack of oxygen to cause brain damage.  Play it safe!

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