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Ask The Toy Report – Volume #1

We get questions here at The Toy Report a couple of different ways.  Some people use the Contact Us form from the link above to ask directly, some post questions in comments, and other ask their questions the round about way, by typing them into Search Engines and then ending up here looking for the answer to their questions.

And starting today, we answer!  For this edition, only queries that have appeared in our Search Engine logs:

Question: Is bakuan appropriate for a four year old

Answer: No.   Neither the TV show nor the game are really appropriate for a 4 year old.  The show is actually somewhat scary with a decent amount of violence, and a 4 year old won’t really be able to understand how to play the game.  Send them outside to play instead.  Seriously.

Question: Can Zhu Zhu Pets use a regular hamster ball

Answer: Probably not.  The one made specifically for the Zhu Zhu pets toy hamsters are smooth on the inside for the wheels to roll on.  A regular hamster ball has regular holes in it (1. so the hamster won’t suffocate and die, and 2. so it can spread little hamster poops all over your house) and also small ridges so the hamster can get some traction.  I doubt it will work, but it’s certainly worth a try if you have one lying around.  Let us know if it works.

Question: Can you ride a kids scooters on rock road?

Answer: Only if you don’t want to have any fun.  Rock and dirt roads really aren’t conducive to scooter travel in the least.  Scooters for kids have small wheels that make them compact and manuverable, but also make them basically unusable on anything but smooth hard surfaces.  Rocks will get stuck in the wheels and the wheels will just skid into the dirt.  Get Junior a mountain bike instead.

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