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Mindflex Mind Control Toy Back In Stock

If you’ve been looking for a Mattel Mindflex toy, you’ve been pretty much out of luck for a while now.  Since well before christmas, the almost magical device has been out of stock pretty much everywhere.  Unless you were willing to shell out the big bucks on eBay that is.  Even folks hoping for that after Christmas sale or just shelving of the Mindflex have been out of luck.

Looks like Mattel either greatly underestimated the popularity of the mind control toy or is having trouble manufacturing them.  Perhaps it’s both, because two months after Christmas, the Mind Flex is just starting to reappear.

Note, there are plenty of people calling B.S. on this toy (Mrs. TR included) without having experienced one firsthand.   While skeptical, I reserve judgment.  I had an EKG done a few years ago as part of a sleep study and actually got to see my various brainwaves on a screen change while concentrating, relaxing and falling asleep.  The question isn’t whether it’s possible to detect brainwaves since it certainly is.  The question is whether it’s possible to do it at home using a mass produced consumer device at a reasonable price.  Mattel is a big company with a lot to lose by hoodwinking people on this one, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Still skeptical?  Check out this report from someone who disassembled a Mindflex, as well as a video below of it in action:

It look as if they finally have some back in stock at some online retailers for below normal retail price of $99.  If you’ve been looking one since the holidays, now is the time to buy.

Click here to find the Mindflex instock for $79, while supplies last of course.

They might be gone by the time you read this, but it’s worth a shot.

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