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Lego Advent Calendar 2010

It’s that time of year again.  Most of your aren’t thinking about Christmas toys yet, but here at Chez Toy Report we starting thinking about the holiday season as soon as school starts.

We’re big fans of the Lego Advent Calendars that the LEGO Group puts out each year (yeah, the official company name really is “LEGO Group”), but the past few years have been disappointing for us in the USA.  In 2009, only the City version of the LEGO calendar was available in the US, while those lucky folks in Europe could get a much cooler Pirate Lego Advent Calendar.

First, there is the Lego City Advent Calendar, typical of what the Lego folks put out in the US each holiday season:

Very cute, comes with a little plane, helicopter, a couple mini-fig Santas and the like.  It’s a great advent calendar, with a different Lego City themed toy for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

Click here for the lowest price we’ve found on the Lego City Advent Calendar

They also released a Kingdom themed Lego advent calendar that had limited availability in the US. It’s not even November and it’s already sold out EVERYWHERE with no more being shipped to US retailers according to reports. Behold the Lego Kingdom Advent Calendar:

Now you have a choice to make.  The City advent calendar has 271 pieces total, while the Kingdoms one only has 167 pieces.  The Kingdoms one can only be bought at a premium now from third party sellers, going for $50-$60 at this point vs $40 for the City one.

But the Kingdoms on is so much better.  It has a keg!  It has a scullery maid!  It has a wizard minifig.  It has a sword stuck in a sword for crying out loud, what more could you ask for?  Go Kingdoms or go home. It’s worth the extra $15.

See HERE for the best price we’ve found on the Lego Kingdom Advent Calendar.

Note that these things sell out EARLY, at any price.  Kids and adults alike vie for this limited edition set every year.  Lego doesn’t make all that many of them, since they don’t want retailers to have any one shelves after the Christmas season. They are very hard to find at a reasonable price after Black Friday, when they jump from $40 up to $75+.  Kingdoms are already sold out, but the City version are still available at retail price. Seriously, click here to buy yours TODAY while you’re thinking about it for the regular price of around $40.  They will be completely gone by November 25th.  We warned you last year, will you listen this year?

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  • Sayuri Shimada September 21, 2010, 5:49 pm

    I, too, look for the deals. Last year, Target sold out early but the opening price for Lego City was $24.99 on sale. They were gone in a day! Please double-check your link. I clicked it and it went to Amazon where the Lego Kingdom calendar is over $50.00. At Lego.com, it’s $34.99. Maybe Amazon’s price went up; their prices fluctuate like crazy.

  • Remo September 21, 2010, 8:53 pm

    Hi Sayuri
    When Amazon is out of stock on an item, they’ll show prices from other sellers in a kind of reverse eBay way. The person willing to sell it at the lowest price shows up, but supply and demand drives that “third party” price up. Only buy it when you see it actually sold by Amazon to get the low price and free shipping.

    The City one is in stock right now, but they must have run out of the Kingdoms one for now. Try back later.

  • biggs33 November 18, 2010, 10:26 am

    I see the mom minifig appears to come with a gigantic sandwich (another bizarre European Christmas tradition?). But when I saw this last night (on the shelf at Toys R Us in southern California), on the box she’s waving around a very sexually suggestive, and equally gigantic, sausage. Paired with her whorish red lipstick in the picture, I’d say this set should contain mistletoe…

  • Curt December 5, 2010, 11:39 am

    My wife purchased me the Advent Calendar (City edition) and I must say that Day One was a disappointment. I opened the tiny bag to reveal a snowman, complete with, THREE arms, TWO carrot noses and top hat, but NO HEAD. He is currently locked in battle with Day Two’s “pirate boy”, who came with two red baseball caps and three swords. I gave the headless snowman one of the pirate swords to make it an even fight, although he flails about hopelessly, what with no eyes and all.

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