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Kung Zhu Ninja Hamsters

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the toy store after the mad Christmas rush, the Ninja Hamsters jump out to destroy you.  Hoping to continue the wild popularity of the Zhu Zhu pet robotic hamsters during the holiday season, the manufacturer of these little furballs have unveiled something dangerous at the American International Toy Fair in New York.  Starting in June this year, you can buy both Ninja Warrior Kung Zhu pets as well as Special Forces Kung Zhu pets.

The Kung Zhu are warrior Zhu Zhu pets that the company hopes will appeal to young boys where the cute and cuddly Zhu Zhu pets failed.  Basically these appear to be your traditional little pet hamsters but dressed up in warrior outfits complete with weapons and such.

Having just caught a glimpse of them, it’s hard to say if there is much more to them than your traditional Zhu Zhu, but the company says that these pets will gain new abilities and sounds when placed within a “Tablet of Zhu” or special warrior hamster area that will likely cost extra of course.

While scarcity is still fueling Zhu Zhu mania, there is something to be said for the little guys.  Our boys were purchased their very first Zhu Zhu’s by their grandmother today while on a trip to the mall and they love them.  As seven year olds attending a Waldorf school, they have no idea that such virtual hamsters existed and do not know how popular they are nor how scarce, yet they can’t stop playing with them over their other toys, at least today.

Their greatest discovery was finding a small little passageway in the kitchen between the counter and a small table where the Zhu Zhus could be placed at either end and let loose for hamster races to see which could pass the other and emerge first.  I can’t imagine how excited they would be to deck them out in warrior armor and have them do hamster battle.

Click HERE for more details on the warrior hamsters, including how to pre-order!

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