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The Great Toy Shortage of 2009!

zhu-zhu-pets-hamsters copyThat’s right folks, the Great Toy Shortage of 2009 is upon us and most of you do not realize at all yet just how bad it might be this Christmas. Of course, by Great Toy Shortage, we mean there will be a shortage of the best toys, the Great toys, and not that there will be no toys at all for the holidays.  There are always predictions of toy shortages every year due to one reason or another, but this seems to be the first time it is really coming true.

Odd to be talking about a toy shortage in the middle of a recession, but that appears to be what we are in store for.  It all hearkens back to the great Christmas Toy Glut of 2008 at the very start of the recession.  You see, a manufacturer of any type needs to make early decisions on production levels and demand for their products throughout the year, and decisions for the Holiday season are made early in the year.  Thus last year the decision for manufacturers to over produce and for retailers to overstock for the holiday season was made early in the year.  Couple that with the recession really starting to hit home hard last winter left most retailer with a giant overstock that they struggled to get rid of, even at steep discounts after the holiday season.

And with some major toy retailers such as KB Toys going out of business, manufacturers cut back on production for this year.  And for those who are now realizing they have a runaway hit toy on their hands, it is far to late to ramp up production or distribution in time for the holiday season.

What does this mean to you?  If you want one of the toys on our list below and you manage to find one in stock, BUY THEM NOW!  This list will only grow as time goes on, but for now these are the only ones that appear to be having shortages at major retailers.  Some people will be disappointed if they expect to find these toys on shelves the day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Sellout Toys of 2009

If you notice any more toys that appear to be having shortages, post a comment and we’ll add it!

Zhu Zhu Pets Toy Hamsters – All Types

Mattel Mindflex

Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid

Lego Star Wars Clone Walker Battle Pack

Barbie Twilight Bella Doll

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  • Rob November 25, 2009, 12:01 am

    That Bella Barbie is plenty expensive, plus it seems sort of plain and gray (I guess that’s just how the film is)

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