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Bakugan Sale 70% Off Limited Time!

Woah.  Amazon decided to move their inventory of Bakugan Booster Packs out the door apparently, as they are on sale for what is likely a VERY limited time for only $2.99 a piece.  I’ve never seen these below $5.99 before. 

Click here to see the Bakugan Booster sale page.

If you have a little Bakugan lover in your house, or know a kid that is a Bakugan fan, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer for them.  Looks like the limit is three per order right  now, but I have not tried placing two separate sets of three in a cart yet.  Just order a couple plus one or two other items to push you above the $25 threshold for free shipping.

bakugansaleSeriously, I’ll be shocked if that price lasts very long.  These packs are a great stocking stuffer and at $2.99 each the price cannot be beat.

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