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Lazertag 2 Player System – 2009 Edition

lazertag2009Ok, Mrs TR is probably going to kill me for even suggesting this, but I really want to pick up a set of these Lazer Tag guns for the boys this holiday season.  You see, Mrs TR is new school in the sense that playing with guns cannot lead to anything good and thus has a no toy guns in the house rule.  Now Mrs TR is a very reasonable person, one of the most reasonable I have ever known, and she does not subject the kids to many rules, but the few she has she feels very strongly about.  Hand weapons in general are tolerated, and the boys love fighting with their wooden swords and light sabers.  But guns are a big no no.  We do not own a single one.

On the other hand, I am old school.  I inherited my Fathers BB air rifle as a kid, was taught to shoot a real (if you can call a .22 real that is) rifle at summer camp at age 8, watched Red Dawn one too many times at age 13, and really enjoying playing paintball and Lasertag at the local arcade arena with friends in high school and college.

Anyone else remember these?

I recall fondly being bought many of those Zebra little yellow pellet guns by my Mom to shut me up on one shopping trip or another. Guns are dangerous but useful items as far as I am concerned, similar to matches, knives, fireworks, and ones genitals.  They will come across situations involving them someday no matter how hard we as parents try otherwise.  An early education in gun use and safety is a good idea in my opinion.

So now the boys just turned 7 and exhibit all the signs of being seven year old boys.  They attempt to turn pretty much anything with a handle into a “shooter” and often run around the house pretending to have Star Wars style blaster fights.

I remember having a Lazer tag home set as a young teenager, but it was pretty primitive gear, requiring a sensor vest with a large battery pack that also connected to the gun with a cable.  There was no official keeping score, and the equipment was fairly unreliable in reading a hit.

So I am tempted.  So very tempted.  I know that the boys would absolutely love to play Lazer Tag and this new Hasbro Nerf Lazer Tag System for 2009 is really darn cool, a huge leap from the systems I played with even at the commercial Lasertag arenas.   Complete with recoil, hit sensors built into the guns themselves, rumble packs to let you know when you are hit, tremendous range (300 feet or more!), indoor vs outdoor modes to reduce “splash” effect from walls, and optional accessories for a shotgun attachment and a green dot laser sight.  It’s on sale right now here for only $45 for two Lazer tag guns.

Think I can use “it’s good exercise!” as an excuse?

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