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Kids’ TV Shows I Do Not Like

We try not to watch much TV around here, but it creeps in and while some weeks are virtually TV free and others include more television than I would like. I have some shows I like (I think I have already mentioned my love for Charlie and Lola), but there are also shows I really do not like. For example, I hate Super Why. It is slightly creepy computer animation and the characters talk is such simple language it is practically baby talk. It is all about how great reading is and reminds me of books that tell you all about how fun reading is rather than actually being fun to read (I’m looking at you Laura and Jenna). The characters in this show take classic stories (little miss muffet, the shoemaker and the elves, the boy who cried wolf, etc.) and change the endings so that the story book characters are all friends and play nicely. So, instead of frightening Miss Muffet, the spider smiles at her and they can be friends and play. Not only is it annoying, but the lesson in revisionist history borders on fascist.


I also don’t like Sid the Science Kid. The animation is especially creepy and I get that they wanted to make them all different colors, but did they ave to choose that particularly ugly mustard yellow? Also, it was apparently too expensive to animate background characters, so they seem to live in a post-apocalyptic world where there are empty buildings for miles but no other people to be seen. The kids go to school in a huge building, but we never see any other people in it besides their teacher and the four kids (that’s a student teacher ratio not to be seen in even the priciest of private schools, let alone the suburban public school the building looks like). Every time we watch that show all I can do is imagine the pandemic that killed all the other people in their town and wonder what they did with all the bodies (yes, I watched the Made for TV version of The Stand in the 90’s -Molly Ringwald! – and it made an impression on me).

Tomorrow I will try to have a more positive take on kids’ TV. What shows do you hate the most?

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  • Remo April 30, 2009, 11:38 am

    Well, the obvious classic choices come to mind.

    Barney – There is nothing offensive about it philosophically. But the music… *shudder*

    Dora The Explorer – “Backpack! Backpack! Backpack! Volcano! Volcano! Volcano! Volcano!” OMG!

    That Mary Lou Retton show that was on PBS HD for a while. That just freaked me out.

  • Lisa C May 1, 2009, 4:36 pm

    I agree… lol… I watched a few with my nieces and nephew and know better now for my own… some are totally inappropriate tooo..

    BTW swingin’ by to thank you for being a top dropper… :O)

  • Mizé May 1, 2009, 10:09 pm

    When my daughter was younger I couldn´t stand Teletubbies :)
    Thanks for being one of my EC Top droppers!
    Good weekend :)

  • carlota May 2, 2009, 4:43 am

    same here I couldn´t stand Teletubbies. Happy that my daughter outgrown with kids shows :-)

  • eksophia January 20, 2011, 1:10 pm

    I am so glad someone else out there hates Super Why! Ugh, I hate that show!!
    I do like Sid the Science Kid, though. I know what you mean about the lack of other people in the show, but I think it probably is done for emphasis on the main characters…less distraction?
    Dinosaur Train annoys me, too. I can’t really tell you why…

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