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Kids Halloween Costumes – BuyCostumes Coupon 20% Off!

Baby Ewok Costume

Baby Ewok Costume

Well, it’s that time of year again folks.  Time to break out either the kids halloween costume catalog or time to head to the fabric store and spend every night between now and Halloween sitting at the sewing machine sewing the kids costumes like Mrs TR has done in years past.

This year despite our best efforts, both Rainbow and Speedy have requested halloween costumes “From a store!  Not homemade”

So we did some research into the top Halloween costume sites and did a comparison.  Lets review our choices.  The two biggest and highest rated kid costume sites are BuyCostumes and CostumeExpress.  Unlike some of the fly by night Halloween only costume sites, they are year round costume shops and have the web site ranking to prove it.  The sites both link to each other, making me think that they share the same costume and party based parent company.

I think they must be related as you will find the same prices on costumes at each and the only major difference we could find was in their shipping prices.  The breakdown:

At CostumeExpress, normal shipping is $7.95.  At BuyCostumes, normal shipping is $4.95.  So your best bet is BuyCostumes!

We’ve also found a great coupon that gives you 20% off at BuyCostumes for a limited time only!  Here is what to do:

  1. Copy the following coupon code: scary20
  2. Click here to go to BuyCostumes to use the coupon when you checkout.

Seriously, you can save on shipping and get a full 20% off on kids halloween costumes all in one fell swoop!  Happy Early Halloween everyone!

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