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How Young Is Too Young for Clone Wars?

WordPress gives you the ability to see what search terms people used to find your blog posts, and I’ve been seeing a whole lot of these types of searches on this blog lately:

“is clone wars scary for six year olds”

“too young clone wars”

“how old for clone wars”

“clone wars under seven”

And so on.  It’s people finding our “How Young is Too Young for Star Wars” in the search engines.  And so, since people are asking, we’re going to answer!

  • Yes, Clone Wars is too scary for six year olds and younger
  • Yes, Clone Wars is likely too scary for seven year olds.
  • Clone Wars might be scary for eight year olds.
  • Clone Wars is probably appropriate for nine and up.
  • The reviews of Clone Wars are mostly bad.
  • Clone Wars seems like a way to scrape money from a Star Wars franchise that has run it’s course and has little redeeming value as a film other than for hard core Star Wars geeks and 10 year olds.
  • Don’t let Clone Wars be your kids first exposure to Star Wars.

If you have a Seven or Eight year old that lives, eats and breathes Star Wars and has already seen the other six films, then there is nothing here that is going to give them any more nightmares than they already have.  If you’ve watched Darth Vader kill people in A New Hope, watched Han Solo get frozen in Carbonite and Luke have his hand cut off in Empire, watched random Hutt guards get eaten by a giant mouth creature on Tatoine and Ewoks on fire in Jedi, not to mention Anakin executing the young Jedi in Sith, then there is nothing here that will shock them.

My personal recommendations for Star Wars Ages is:

Star Wars: A New Hope = 8 years old and up.

Empire Strikes Back and all other films = 10 and up

If they’re under 8, take them to a playground, even if it’s raining.  Or better yet, dig up a copy of the mythical Star Wars Holiday TV Special

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