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Cloth Diapers by day, G Diapers by night, Tushies Diapers for Travel – Our Triple Hybrid Diaper Strategy.

Before the Boys were born, Mrs. T. R. decided that cloth diapers were the way to go. Between the environmental impact and the health benefits of not having maybe toxic plastic and super absorbant gel against your little babies’ skin, cloth was in. After searching high and low for a diaper service that would come to our town and coming up short, she decided that washing our own diapers was something that she could handle. I suspect this decision was made before we found out we were having twins, but she stuck with it. Diligently washing enough diapers for two young boys is no easy task, requiring a constant daily vigil in the laundry room for an already exhausted mother of twins.

When the Boys were 6 months old we took them on a cruise with friends and realized that even if we wanted to pile dirty cloth diapers into a sack and bring them home after a 9 day cruise (which we didn’t), we wouldn’t have enough diapers for the whole trip. That’s when we discovered Tushies, which are Gel-free Chlorine-free paper based diapers. We filled a suitcase with Tushies disposables and had a carefree time tossing dirty diapers into trash bins throughout the Caribbean. When we returned, it was back to cloth full time.

Flash forward four years to The Princess’ arrival. Having gone twice around the diaper block with the Boys we learned a number of valuable lessons. We realized our full time obsession with cloth diapers caused a couple of problems that could have been avoided:

  1. Long car rides with cloth diapers involved either a lot of crying because one or both boys was wet and uncomfortable, or involved a lot of stops for cloth diaper changing.
  2. Sleeping involved middle of the night cloth diaper changing as one or both boys would wake up uncomfortable from the wet diaper.

No baby waste solution is without environmental impact. You are either throwing diapers in the trash, or using clean water, soap, and electricty to wash cloth diapers, or stepping over piles of poop all over the floor. You can debate and attempt to measure the exact impact of each type of solution (and let me tell you, there are some diaper fanatics on the internet that attempt it), but in the end you just can’t win with just one solution to the diaper problem.

Thus we have developed the Triple Hybrid Diaper Strategy for the Princess’ cute little bottom. Like most workable solutions, we took the best of all the available options and use them according to our needs:

  1. Cloth by day at home. When the Princess is at home, she’s wearing a cloth diaper. Easy to change and nothing goes in the trash.
  2. G Diapers at night and for day trips. We certainly don’t bother with the stick and flushing the inserts, and don’t feel as bad about just tossing the inserts as we do with regular diapers. They biodegrade on the order of weeks/months, rather than decades/centuries. I keep meaning to compost the non-solid waste ones for use on our non-food plants in the yard, but I never seem to get around to it.
  3. Tushies for overnight trips where we just want to toss and forget them.

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