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Chalk Board Panels for the New Playroom

I have not yet purchased these chalk board panels, but I am seriously considering it. The status of the new playroom is that it is still an empty room. Why has it been an empty room for so long? Well, I can’t seem to decide what to put on the walls. I am feeling totally paralyzed by the decision. The walls are old and cracked plaster so I just don’t think that I can make them look smooth with either paint or wallpaper. One of the walls is weirder than the rest. It is like it is covered with brown cardboard. We think maybe they put up drywall backward or something. I am trying to come up with a way of covering it and I may go with these Wallies Chalk Board Panels.

They are a peel-and-stick kind of thing, so they will be easy to put up. I may have to paint over the cardboard like substance to give it a smoother surface to stick to. But we love chalk around here and having a whole wall to color will be fun, I think. These little chalk board peel-and-stick shapes are cute too, but don’t solve my ugly wall covering problem.

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  • RUTH Warobick January 17, 2009, 5:19 pm

    Re the chalk board wall boards. The peel & stick is a great idea. Why couldn’t you just hang (or screw into the wall at the corners), a couple LARGE frames / decorative or posterboard frames, with the blackboard sticker stuck to the backing inside the frame or the plastic cover on the front of the posterboard. You probably wouldn’t want glass in the frames and they would need to be secure against the wall to make it easy to draw on, but they would be easily removable & wouldn’t require a lot of prep for the walls. It would also give a “ending” edge to the drawing space in the case of little ones. Just an idea, Gramma Ruth

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