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Bakugan In Stock Report

We’ve been reporting on where to find Bakugan in stock for a couple of months now starting back before Thanksgiving when Rainbow and Speedy first heard about Bakugan from a friend at school and our attempts to find them at local stores failed miserably.   We’ve still see nothing in stock at Toys R Us locally most days.  The actual stores look like they’ve had a Bakugan recall, as the Bakugan isles have been picked clean.  As far as we can tell, there hasn’t been any recall of Bakugan yet.

First off, click here to find Bakugan Starter Packs at Amazon for only $6.49!  That’s three Bakugan Battle Brawler balls and three cards for less than $7.  Normal retail price is around $13, and these were selling on eBay before Christmas for $25 and up.  Don’t know how long they will last, and at that price they’re a total steal.  Buy another item or two to bring your order over $25 and get free shipping to boot.

The large baseball sized Bakugan Deka single figures at Amazon are not in stock from Amazon anymore.  There are still a few third party sellers with them for $18-$20 each if these are a must have present for your favorite little Bakugan player.

The Bakugan Battle Packs are still in stock at Amazon for $24.99.   Not a bad price for what you get.

The best Bakugan gift value remains the Battle Arena Mega Packs which I’ve only found on eBay ever.  It includes 6 Bakugan marbles, 12 cards, and the Battle Arena in one box.  Add up the cost of one Battle Pack, one Arena, and a couple of card packs and you’re saving some dough.  Plus you have everything you need to play in one box.

Why am I telling you this?   Because many disreputable sites that claim to have Bakugan available are charging $30+ for a starter pack and $60+ for an already opened Battle Pack and I don’t think that’s fair at all.  And the other because after posting the Bakugan Toys review story, we started getting lots of people coming from the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and the like)  through searches for all sorts of things like “Bakugan in stock”, “Buy Bakugan Toys” and “are bakugan recalled”, and “Where to find Bakugan Battle Brawlers”.

And when someone gets here via a random search, we like to provide them what they’re looking for, even if they don’t want to read the whole long post to get to the good stuff.

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  • Honey Wesley November 19, 2008, 10:54 pm

    I just wanted to add that as I was putting up a blog to go along with one of my Christmas sites, I was stunned to find the Bakugan starter packs that were selling for $15 or $16 on Amazon, were suddenly up to $39 and $49!

    I alerted my readers, but still…when it did become okay to gouge the customer? Are the Bakugan toys becoming scarce already, or this just due to greed on the part of some sellers?

    Would love to hear your take on it.

  • Remo November 20, 2008, 12:14 am

    In addition to it’s normal merchandise, Amazon lists products from third parties for sale, kind of like eBay but with only Buy It Now.

    As soon as the actual Amazon stock sells out, the price appears to jump to whatever the lowest third party seller is, since that’s the only in stock offer.

    Note that the price is back down to $15.99, as they must have received more Bakugan Starters today.

  • Bakugan Toy Sensei March 31, 2009, 5:03 pm

    Amazon certainly is a more expensive option to Ebay. Ebay offers a pretty good selection of hand picked bakugan.

    The only problem is you have to be REALLY careful you are buying only genuine Bakugan and cards. There’s a lot of counterfeiting going on at Ebay, so check every detail and double check that the seller is reputable and honest! Especially with those Doom Cards, it’s rare to find a real one. They can even fake the strength or “g power” of the characters, so you have to do your research first!

    Just a friendly precaution.

  • william September 21, 2009, 7:05 pm

    bakugon are really cool so if you get one be thank full if i get one i will. even if it is low at g,s .THANKS ALOT EVEN IF I DONT GET ONE.

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